Thursday, July 22, 2010

Country Gets A Makeover

Quite honestly, I am surprised a lot of the new marketing of Country music hasn't been stated out loud by anyone just yet? I think we are all ready to face the facts that Country music for the most part received a "makeover" over the past 5 years in specific.
Jaron is the latest pop star to crossover
after years of being out of the limelight.
Jaron released "Crazy For This Girl"
with his brother Evan in 2000.

The country music we knew from 20 years ago was still steeped largely within its roots musically. Promotions for artists usually fit the music and the artist themselves:  They were, well, 'simple.'

  1. Over the past 5 years, Country got 'glossy' and for the most part started to mirror pop music. Let me explain what I mean in a few examples:
  2. Recordings became much more complex with added overdubs and processed sounds. And of course the ever elusive addition of the "electric guitar"

  3. Our favorite country stars started to look better. More attractive artists were signed. Does Shania Twain's shocking midriff ring any bells?
  4. Most recently, Country stars are able to add or subtract instruments in their recordings in order to crossover to different radio stations temporarily. Perhaps the average pop listener doesn't realize that if you add the violin back into Taylor Swift's latest hit that the song becomes much less appealing to them?
  5. Most shocking however is the entrance of former pop stars into the country world only to be welcomed by listeners with fresh ears. A prime example is multi-platinum selling Darius Rucker (former Hootie And The Blowfish lead singer.) What most people don't know is that Darius tried multiple other genres in an effort to revive his career before he landed on country. He is outstanding at what he does, but by today's standards, most listeners would call this a "sellout"
Regardless, Country has become a mainstream approach for many up and coming musicians. What was once considered "old people" music has now evolved.