Bands To "Google"

12/10 | Band To Google
Clark Richard
Hometown:  Rockford, IL

Richard proves that true songwriters still indeed exist. You know, the ones that mull over lyrics and melodies until they are perfect? His most recent EP (Kissing Kelly, 2012) happens to be a perfect example. With the EP and a prior album under his belt he was recently signed to Sony/EMI. Expect Richard to be the model child of a songwriter within a new generation of music and expect to hear his songs on your radio within the year.

Clark Richard Official Website
Notable Songs:  "I Wanna Be There" and "Red Robin"

9/16 | Band To Google
Tyrone Wells
Universal Republic Records
Hometown:  Fullerton, CA

A career artist, Tyrone Wells has progressively enhanced his sound with each ensuing album by stripping down his approach.  Specifically, with an acoustic approach on his latest EP "Metal and Wood" Wells gives himself headroom to focus largely on melody and vocal performance in the studio which leaves him with an album full of his best composed songs thus far.

Tyrone Wells Myspace Page
Notable Song:  "Running Around In My Dreams"

8/26 | Band To Google
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers
Vanguard Records
Hometown:  Northampton, MA

Arguably overlooked when the band entered the scene in 2005, the band continues to prove themselves as excellent songwriters 5 years later.  Notable, are Kellogg's lyrics, which take on a literal and explicative approach.  Perhaps most inspiring is the band's current work which only alludes to their potential. 

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers Myspace
Notable Song:  "My Sweet Charade", "Born In The Spring"

8/18 | Band To Google
Dave Barnes
Razor and Tie Records
Hometown:  Nashville, TN

With a keen competence for R&B music, Barnes has an exceptional talent for blending multi-dimensional and dynamic vocal melodies often within a single song.  Additionally, Barnes' skill on the guitar enables him to deliver stronger songs compositionally setting him apart from others in his genre.  Despite a strong 8 years on the map, Barnes continues to be one of today's most underrated artists.

Dave Barnes Myspace
Notable Song:  "God Gave Me You",  "The L.A. Song"

8/13 | Band To Google
Trevor Hall
Vanguard Records
Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

Blessed with a unique voice, Hall couples the contemplative lyrics and the musical style of reggae music with a contemporary format to create something expertly original.  Acoustically driven, Hall's live performances take on an organic feel often true to the songs themselves.

Trevor Hall Myspace
Notable Song:  "Unity"

8/5 | Band To Google
Dan Rodriguez
Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN

It goes without saying that Rodriguez has a natural and seemingly effortless feel to his vocal delivery. But, perhaps most notable here is his strong competence for blues guitar and attention to detail when it comes to his tone in the studio.  Rodriguez takes the best of all of his influences, including Minneapolis locals, and it shows on his album.  Give Rodriguez a listen for yourself at his page below.

Dan Rodriguez Myspace
Notable Song:  "Love Me A Little"

8/4 | Band To Google
Ari Hest
Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY

Ari Hest has with the type of voice that doesn't need vocal effects in the studio and tends to take on a type of clarity and tone of Michael Buble.  An artist who deserved a major label push with major label dollars has proven that he can deliver extremely competently composed and produced songs not once every 2 years, but rather every week.  Armed with major label prowess, Hest continues to prove he is doing just fine on his own.

Ari Hest Myspace
Notable Song:  "Avalanche"

8/2 | Band To Google
Hometown:  Belfast, MN

Perhaps out of the ordinary for the Minneapolis music scene, Romantica emits a folk sound in the vein of Jakob Dylan post Wallflowers.  Kyle's poetic delivery brings the perfect mix of folk, and dare I say, the non-jaded country music of the 60's and 70's.  Painting a soulful picture not excluding references to their hometown, Romantica brings a genuinely original sound.

Romantica's Myspace
Notable Song:  "Queen of Hearts"

7/28 | Band To Google
Green River Ordinance
Virgin Records
Hometown:  Ft. Worth, TX

It's inevitably clear that Green River Ordinance is, in the traditional sense of the word, a real band.  Literally starting and continuing to move from the ground up, GRO has been given the time as young artists to hone their songwriting and live performance which is without a doubt the industry's most unrecognizable luxury.  Gleaming with potential, Green River Ordiance IS the next big adult contemporary act.

Green River Ordinance Myspace
Notable Song:  "Goodbye L.A."

7/26 | Band To Google
Jason Reeves
Warner Brothers Records
Hometown:  Iowa City, IA

Reeves's lyrics are so dynamically metaphorical that you will only understand them if you are truely listening.  Reeves has a wonderfully odd way of applying lyrical excerpts such as "..I just wanna bottle the sun"  and "..sometimes bombs fall quietly" to everyday situations.  Equipt with the lyrical competency of Edwin McCain, and musical feel of Jason Mraz, Reeves becomes very effective with his delivery. 

Jason Reeves Myspace
Notable Song:  "Helium Hearts"

7/23 | Band To Google
Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN

Heatbox gives new meaning to "original music."  As live "looping" has become more popular for layering sounds in a live setting, it has become harder to set yourself apart.  Heatbox goes above and beyond to create a unique vocal layering experience which incorporates rap, beatboxing and vocal effects, many of which are unprocessed.  In essence, Heatbox is a great singer with a wide vocal range.  Watch him do it live at the link below:

Heatbox Myspace
Notable Song: Watch Heatbox Live Here

7/21 | Band To Google:
Angel Taylor
Aware Records

It might be an obvious observation to describe Taylor's album as "coffeehouse" style do to the lightweight feel of the tracks on "Love Travels."  But lyrically, she deserves more attention than the occasional soundbyte inbetween that noise coming from the obnoxious coffeegrinder.  Most importantly, Taylor hashes familiar topics in a new way:  by singing about her thoughts as if they were a journal entry to herself without an audience in mind.  Her debut album is pristine in production with her voice becoming the undeniable focus on each track.  Take a listen for yourself: 

Angel Taylor Myspace Page
Notable Song:  "Like You Do"

7/19 | Band To Google:
John West

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA

West's music is reminiscent of R&B and screams California.  Most honest here are West's vocal performances on his recordings, which feel as if they were done in one take and in-between cocktails at a beach party.   He shines on "Loved You Tonight," but "Keep It Together" is an even better example of where he is, and should be heading musically.

John West Myspace Page
Notable Song:  "Keep It Together"

7/14 | Band To Google:
Peter Bradley
Sarathon Records

Hometown:  Brookly, NY

Undoubtedly "lo-fi,"  Bradley boasts a certain mature songwriting that is usually only attained by, well, being mature.  Lyrically, Bradley thinks out of the box in a genre where the box is usually taped shut with no windows.  Listen for yourself at his Myspace:

Peter Bradley Myspace
Notable Song:  "Los Angeles"

7/13 | Band To Google: 
Not Like This

Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN

The sound of  "Not Like This" is easily described by what can happen when everyone in the band is a proficient songwriter:  Unique songs with structure changes that can only be created when multiple cooks are in the kitchen.  When lyrics are this witty, you can't NOT listen.  Here's a band that doesn't take themselves too seriously that you should.  Listen and/or buy for yourself on iTunes.

Notable Song:  "What She Said"